Our Students

Our four children range from kindergarten to eighth grade, and have always been homeschooled.

Though we do a lot of activities as a family they each have their own individual talents and interests.  We have children who play sports, others who prefer art, and a few more who enjoy making music.

Our home is filled with laughter, creativity, conversations, and energy from early in the morning to late at night.  Honestly, I never know just how the days will unfold. 

Each child, each day with them, is a blessing!

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Not Back to School Blog Hop


  1. your have a very informative site;) I plan to come back and browse more;)

    And beautiful students;) Visiting from the Not-back-to-school blog hop.

  2. One thing I love about homeschooling is that my kids can spend extra time on what they are passionate about. I have an incredible musician and a budding writer who gets to spend time in what they love best!
    Love your site!
    Learning 4 Keeps


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