Seven Basic Essentials for Art

For the past five years, I have taught art in co-op for children in first to sixth grade depending on the school year.  Over those years, I have observed first hand, that you don't really need many supplies for art projects.  The following list is seven essential supplies for teaching art.  
  1. Paper - of any kind: drawing paper, water color paper, construction paper, tissue paper, white copy paper, scrap paper
  2. Writing Utensils - chose from among: pencils, colored pencils, drawing pencils, charcoal, crayons, craypas, oil pastels, markers, chalk, pens
  3. Paint with Paint Brushes - pick a kind of paint: water color, acrylic, oil, or tempera
  4. Scissors - child size probably works best for younger children
  5. Glue - really an adhesive of any type: glue bottles, glue sticks, rubber cement, or tape
  6. Clay - homemade or store bought, pliable or self drying
  7. Imagination and Creativity - A child has ample imagination and creativity.  As their teacher, encourage them, and allow them to explore art. 
"Imagination is more important than knowledge.
Knowledge is limited.
Imagination encircles the world."
~Albert Einstein

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  1. got here via Hip Homeschool Hop. Feel free to come visit us too at When you choose paint, do you recommend a particular type? Does your recommendation change with age (of kids)?

    Great site! TY

    1. Great question! Personally, I do not think you needed a certain type or brand. Paint types are a lot like paper as each kind has a certain function, purpose, and limitation. However, for exploring art and expressing creativity, really, any paint will do. My children use all the various kinds, sometimes daily. After years of trying out different paints, discovering limitations and functions, they generally choose what paint to use for a certain project.


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