Autumn Trees - Water Color

Enthusiastically, they all declared their interest in the kid's art competition.  After determining what they wanted to do, the children set about gathering supplies and creating art.  One daughter, age 8, wanted to use water color paints.  With some instructional guidance from me she made this:


1.  Sky was painted with blues, wet on dry paper
2.  Land was painted with yellows and browns, wet on wet paper
3.  Allow back ground to dry
4.  Using brown paint, paint trunk of tree.  For branches, place drops of brown paint at base of where branch will be, and blow paint across paper with a straw.  This creates a neat branch-like appearance.
5.  Allow trees to dry
6.  Originally, the trees were going to stay bare, but she wanted a few more colors on the picture, and decided to add multicolored leaves.  Remembering this post of Mom's Mustard Seeds from last year, I thought she could 'dot' the leaves on the branches.  We got a few cotton swabs and she dabbed them into paint colors and onto the branches as leaves. 


  1. Very pretty! I remember making trees by blowing paint too - one of the few things I enjoyed about my art classes :)

  2. Beautiful picture! I hope the art competition goes well!

  3. Great picture! I'll have to try the straw technique; sounds neat : )

  4. You've been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award. Come check it out.

  5. What a GREAT painting! She did wonderfully! It's ready for a frame! Stopping by from the HHH!


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