Don Quixote - A Picture Book Version

For history class, we are studying 1400's/1500's to 1850 over the course of this school year.  Typically, our read aloud selections focus on historical accounts, literature, or biographies from this time period.  At times, we will read an unrelated selection, but for the most part, our selections center around our history studies. 

This past week, I found Don Quixote and the Windmills, by Eric A. Kimmel at our local library.  It is picture book retelling a short portion of Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra's original Don Quixote.  The illustrations are bold and perfect to share with a small group of listeners.  The text is fabulous to read aloud.  It combines suspense and humor.  Our children were delighted, even our oldest who read Adventures of Don Quixote, by Argentina Palacios, earlier this year.

To find out about more read aloud selections, visit Amy at Hope Is the Word
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  1. This looks great! We are quickly approaching this time period so I am going to make a note of this book!

  2. I enjoy your reading selections. This is one I had not seen before. Adding it to my list for that time period. Thanks!


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