Visiting Art Museums with Preschoolers

Taking young children to an art museum may not top many family's lists of potential field trips, but it can actually be a lot of fun.  For us, we've had great success with our preschooler enjoying the art museum by employing a few simple ideas. 


Some ideas that worked for us:
  • We arrive in the morning and plan to leave by lunch time. 
  • We plan our path through the art museum, choosing which of the six wings we want to explore that day. 
  • We 'talk it up' before going. 
  • While there, one parent or older child helps our preschooler complete a 'scavenger hunt' or 'I spy' type game.  This game keeps our preschooler interested and looking at the pictures.

These are some of the tips that work for us.  However, I should note that I have a great appreciation of art, and our house and choices of books reflect my desire to pass on an appreciation and love of art to our children.  Consequently, from a young age, our children are exposed to some of the iconic works of art as well as some of the lesser known pieces.  This active attempt on my part to instill an appreciation for art may help foster a familiarity that helps greatly when taking the young ones to an art museum. 

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