Our Homeschool - An Introduction

What?  Welcome to the 5 W's and 1 H of homeschooling in our home.

Who?  We homeschool our four children in preschool through seventh grade.  They have always been homeschooled.  We have two girls and two boys.  I do most of the day to day teaching.  My husband, Jerry, teaches our oldest to play the drums and also helps facilitate some science experiments.

When?  Generally, we follow a Monday to Friday schedule during an August to May school year with several breaks throughout these months.  This kind of routine has served us well for the past 7 or so years. 

Where?  Our main area to homeschool is what we call 'the back room,' an extra room in our home that houses our homeschool materials, books, desks, computer, craft supplies, drums, and keyboard.  Each child has their own table for work space.  These are arranged in the center of the room.  Bookshelves and storage line the walls.  The entire room has over a dozen windows and three doorways.  Wall space is very limited, so we have a free standing chalkboard/white board combination.

Why?  We feel led by the Lord to homeschool our children.

How?  Our curriculum and resources are eclectic, but we lean toward a classical approach to education.  We do use co-ops and some out of the house lessons for some classes, but the majority is taught at home.

This past September, I started this blog as a place for me to share anything homeschool related.  Sometimes I share about a lesson plan that worked for us, resources we love, arts & crafts, nature walks, field trip ideas, or how our homeschool journey has been. 

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  1. Nice to meet you through the Blog Bash!

  2. Nice to meet you. I always enjoy coming across another homeschooling blog.

    Amy @ Missional Mama


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