Themed Christmas Trees

Last week, during our visit to New Hampshire, we drove down to Massachusetts for the Festival of Trees.  My husband's cousin had entered a decorated tree in the festival of over 100 trees.  There were trees decorated by individuals, groups, companies, and children.  Each one was creative. 

In addition to their beauty, I was inspired by some to possibly include themed tree decorating into our homeschooling.  Perhaps you might be inspired as well. 

A half dozen ideas to possibly consider...

Literary Themes
Some of the trees were decorated with elements from one particular story like Make Way for Ducklings and The Giving Tree.  Is there a book you are currently reading aloud that would work well?  Or maybe, a family favorite?  Use all the elements of the book, like characters, setting, and plot to develop different ornaments for a literary themed tree.

History or Geography Themes
Are you studying a particular time period, event, or person in history?  Or perhaps, your geography studies are concentrating on a specific country or region?  A world wide theme would generate a great deal of decorating ideas.  At the festival, we saw a tree for Ireland and one decorated with a medieval castle theme.

a London theme

Science Themes
Using a Goldberg machine to light their tree, one entry captivated my mechanically oriented son's attention.  Another tree used chemistry as an inspiration.  Ornaments representing the four seasons covered a third science themed tree.  Additionally, nature studies (individual animals, plants, or habitats) would easily provide ideas for decorations.

Artist, Musician, or Author Themes
Are you studying a particular author, musician, or artist this year?  Perhaps a tree reflecting their life, works, and time in history would add to your studies.  We saw an upside-down tree decorated for Dr. Seuss.  It was definitely an original entry. 

Christmas songs theme

Sports or Game Themes
Is your child learning about or playing a sport this year?  It might work well for a themed tree.  Or how about a tree decorated with parts of a family favorite game like Monopoly?  We saw a few football trees and a tree decorated for Twister at the festival.

General Learning Themes
Can't decide on one particular theme?  What about an all encompassing what we are learning this year themed tree?  One entry did this very theme.  What a great way to summarize the learning the children have done thus far!

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  1. What a fun idea. We might make some paper trees with pictures of things that we have been learning. Thanks for sharing - you got the wheels turning in my head! :)


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