A Trip to the Aquarium

During our recent stay in New Hampshire, we spent one day in Boston, MA.  Our main destination was the New England Aquarium.

For our younger children who have been studying coral reefs in their co-op class this field trip was a great follow-up activity.  However, the entire family benefited from seeing underwater creatures of all sorts.  A few of our family's favorites were the penguins, eels, sea turtle, and the sharks.

There were two touch tanks.  The first was an immense ray and shark tank.  The second touch tank was shallow and included many intertidal zone animals.  At first, our youngest daughter was leery to touch any of the animals, but the attendant encouraged her.  He held the crab still while she and I quickly touched poked the top of the crab's shell.  Then, he helped her hold a star fish, which she eventually held on her own. 

From then on she was holding sea urchins and shelled animals, including a lobster (with the attendant's help), and examining everything else in the tank. In fact, this touch tank became one of her favorite parts of the field trip.

After the Aquarium visit, we walked about Boston, enjoying some sites and touring Faneuil Hall.  After touring the historical building, we stopped to listen to a street musician who drummed on buckets and pans.

And, before we left Boston, we went to Mike's Pastry on Hanover Street for some amazing canolis.  The bakery was jammed packed with people.  It was a neat experience to be part of the crowd surging to the counter for some tasty treats.

*I receive no compensation for the above links...just passing on information about some great places we visited during our recent trip to Boston.


  1. That sounds like a fun day and a wonderful way to expand upon the children's learning!

  2. We LOVED our trip to the Boston Aquarium!! We visit there each time we travel to Beantown :) So glad that you enjoyed it!!


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