An Ultimate Art Memory Game

Art Memo II GameArt Memo GameSince I love art, it is my hope to foster an appreciation of art in my children.  Which means we have a few art resources around our home including an Art Memo game.  Played just like the Memory games by Hasbro, Art Memo uses famous paintings as matching pieces.  It comes with a large reference page that includes a black and white picture of the painting, its title and artist.  Our children have learned the names and artists of many famous paintings just by playing the game.  There are a few paintings included in the game that we removed due to our own personal convictions.  However, even with a few less paintings the game is still challenging and fun to play.  The manufacturers have made three editions, including Art Memo, Art Memo II, and Impressionists Memo Game.

Last Friday evening, we decided to up the game a bit.  Instead of playing with one set of the Art Memo games, we mixed up all three. 

Spread over the entire dining room table, the game was epic.  We divided into pairs, creating three teams.  The two youngest children were paired with my husband and I.  The oldest two comprised the final team. 

At first it seemed impossible, but once we started making matches, it turned out to be a great time.  Since each game comes with a picture guide, we were easily able to return the cards to the appropriate box.


  1. Wow - that is a lot of memory! What a fun idea :)

  2. What fun...and full of art appreciation and memory making!

  3. What a cool game. I know very little about art, but really want my girls to have an appreciation for art. Maybe we should look into getting those games. Thanks for sharing!

  4. What a great idea! I had never heard of the game. Looking into it now! Thanks for sharing. Visiting from the Hop.


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