Studying the Weather

Really, I had no idea how easy it was to study the weather. Since it is easy to observe and measure in a meaningful way it lends itself well to a hands on science unit. I found multiple ideas and activities to incorporate into our weather unit.

Main Resource
Our Weather and Water (God's Design for Heaven and Earth) - Using the sections on weather only, our weather unit lasted approximately 10 weeks. We covered topics like atmosphere, water cycle, clouds, precipitation, storms, and weather instruments.

Weather Instruments
These three weather instruments were easy to make from easily accessible supplies. My second grader learned how to tell wind direction with a wind vane, measure precipitation with a rain gauge, and determine wind speed (no/slow/fast) with an anemometer.

wind vane

rain gauge

anemometer (measures wind speed)

Other Activities
The weather instruments were the highlight of the unit for my son. However, he did enjoy the other activities as well.
  • Layers of the Atmosphere Worksheet - While studying the layers of the atmosphere, students in my co-op class drew various objects found within each atmospheric layer on a worksheet. For instance, precipitation was drawn in Troposphere, and the Northern/Southern Lights were drawn in the Thermosphere.
  • Water Cycle Lift the Flap Project - Inspired by this idea, I created a worksheet which followed the basic idea of this lift the flap water cycle.
  • Cold Air Activity - Using this activity, students learned about air pressure.
  • Cloud Examples - While studying cloud formation, students made their own cloud types out of cotton balls, which were glued to a piece of blue construction paper. (Idea found here.)
  • Cloud in a Jar
  • Rain in a Jar - This idea was found here.
  • Thunder Demonstration - By blowing up a small brown lunch bag and clutching the end shut, we formed a balloon shaped bag. Next we popped the bags. It sounded sharp, a bit like thunder.
  • Making Lightning - We tried several ways. This one seemed the most successful.
  • Tornado/Hurricane - Using two 2L bottles, a washer, loose glitter, water, and duct tape, we made a storm in a bottle. The students had a blast making the water tornado.
  • Weather Report - Each student was given a weather chart and asked to observe the weather for one week. We used these free ones.
  • Thermometers - This is one activity, we did not get around to! However, next time, I will be incorporating this homemade one.

Extra Books


  1. What a fun activity! I love your weather instruments! We should try that soon too!

    1. Thanks, Marla - and yes, I really would encourage it - my son and I had a blast learning about the weather. I really had no idea it would be so easy to incorporate - and so much fun!


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