Over the Autumn Months

There are several posts mulling in my head right now. There is one on second grade botany experiments and demonstrations and another about the spider that hung her sac of eggs right off our grill. I assure you, I got some pictures to share! But they will all wait until another day. I thought it fitting to 'bring you up to speed' on what has been happening around here. In case anyone was curious where I have been these past couple of months.

In a round about way starting at 9 o'clock and moving clockwise...

We went to the fair one September day. It was the fair I grew up attending. Always fun to take the children some place I frequented as a youngster. We saw alpacas, cows, pigs, goats, bunnies, sheep, ducks, produce, quilts, flowers, and a milking contest!

Volleyball season has ended. Our oldest gal loves to play and we enjoy watching her. Her younger sister plans to join her this spring in the skills session.

Despite all the fun out of the house activities and field trips, we still homeschool daily. Our youngest is learning cursive.

Flag football season was a hoot! Our youngest son played while my husband and our oldest son served as referees.

For our oldest son's fifteenth birthday we drove to watch his favorite team take on the Baltimore Orioles. It was the last game of the regular season and the O's had already clinched their spot. The team we rooted for...not so much. Their season was over. Donned in red, white, and blue we tread carefully through the sea of orange to our seats high up in the stadium. Despite our attire, the crowd was jovial and welcoming. Probably because their team was securely going on. Ours was not. However, in the end, the Red Sox won to the delight of our birthday boy!

Finally, our youngest daughter decided twelve was the age for her ear piercing (We allow them to decide once they reach 11.) With much courage, she sat in the chair as a tech punched each ear lobe with a blue flower.

Starting in the top left corner...proof that academic lessons are happening. A daughter displaying her Japan map (Mystery of History, Volume 2 activity)

Our youngest trying out the guitar. A generous relative passed the guitar on to us last year. The children have enjoyed this greatly!

Reading never stops around here - for which I am grateful!

The first of hopefully many winter weather storms to come. It's Christmas season, of course, I'm hoping for snow. This strong opinion may or may not change come mid-February. Consider yourself warned.

Yoda pictures are multiplying! After rediscovering his brother's drawing (which you can see here), our youngest decided to make his own.

Some things that so did not make the pictures, because who can take pictures during these?
  • IEW writing seminar - excellent day spent learning about essays (Seriously. It was well worth the drive and cost.)
  • PSAT - first time one of our students took a collegiate standardized exam
  • Food Packing for Liberia (with GAiN) - volunteering to help bag rice and beans was a fun family activity
  • Corn Maze outing with the junior high youth group - my husband and I were chaperoning

I'm sure I'm missing a lot, but this is a nice overview of our autumn months. My only complaint is that it went far too quickly.

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