Medieval Times - A Field Trip

We said we wouldn't step near a mall or shopping center on Black Friday. Like a five mall radius near zone.

Instead, we decided to go to a Medieval Times dinner and tournament on the Friday after Thanksgiving.

We drove over an hour on mostly interstates to get to the castle, which happened to be located - wait for it -

at a mall! We could not believe it. It never occurred to us that the castle would be housed in a mall. Ugh.

However, the experience was worth it! We had a meaty Medieval feast complete with 1/2 a chicken and a spare rib each, and watched a tournament. We cheered for the red knight as that is the section we were seated in. Afterwards, we were able to meet the knight and get his autograph.

It was a fabulous field trip that made our studies on the Middle Ages spring to life.

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