A Definite Dollar Day Deal

We've been there before, years ago for this very same deal. Just one dollar got us into a local natural history museum. It was a deal indeed!

This time around, we started with the egg collection. It is a favorite of mine as it reminds me of all the incubators and birds my Great-Grandfather had at his house. He raised a variety of birds. It was an educational trip every time we visited him. He would always take us to see what was 'new'.

While observing the eggs a museum worker brought this little guy around for visitors to see.

Next, we went into a Nature Nook room. Though there were many hands on activities in the room, one of our favorite items was this...

a pinned display of giant grasshoppers.

From the Nature Nook, we entered the special exhibit: Bugs. There were drawers full of pinned bugs, a place to make a large felt insect,

and even a stag beetle demo.

However, the main portion of the special exhibit was a display of larger than life bugs.

Each bug was hand crafted by an artist.

The details were amazing.

A side display box showed all the tools the artist used to create the larger than life bugs.

After the special exhibit, we toured the rest of the museum and ended our time within the museum at this interactive mural featuring more insects.

Once again, dollar days were a fabulous deal!

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