On the Last Day of Summer Break

It had arrived: a day of dread or a day of celebration? Our children were divided. One had hoped summer would last forever. We do tend to do summer well, savoring each and every moment. There was no surprise when it had been said, with a possible groan, "this is it - our final day!"

That was Sunday.

On it, we rose, ate breakfast, and went to church. Once service was over, we bid our friends adieu and headed home. Then the race was on.

We quickly made and packed sandwiches. Dashed to change into swimsuits and threw umbrellas and sun block in the car.

In less than two hours, we were there!

Joining the throngs of other beach goers, we secured our own spot of sand and enjoyed a blissful afternoon.

No dread to be found here.

And, for the record, no dread was to be had on our first day of school either. Monday dinner time was filled with chatter and excitement about their new lessons as each took turns telling my husband about their first day of school.

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