Ancient Egypt

This past school year, our three younger children (7th, 5th, and 1st grade at the time) studied the Ancient History time period.

For our youngest child, this was the first time he learned about Ancient Egypt, Ancient Israel, Ancient Greece, and Ancient Rome. It was the second time through for our middle children. Over their school years, we hope to go through world history three times.

The first time our daughters studied Ancient Egypt, we made papyrus paper using this kit. It didn't work. For the record, it could have been user error, as in our fault. Regardless, it was not the hands on learning I had dreamed of completing. In hind sight, I should have gotten this instead. Already preprinted papyrus would have been easier.

This time, I contemplated mummifying a chicken. We have the instructions in this book. I chickened out. Yes, I'm a bit squeamish.

Instead, we did a lot of paper, markers, and glue kind of projects using History Pockets: Ancient Egypt, published by Evan-Moor. It offered hands on learning with less mess. (Though when we got to Ancient Greece I relented and even tried homemade paper mache - quite the mess!)

Activity Ideas:


After our Ancient History studies, we took the children to a museum which features Ancient Egyptian artifacts (including mummies!).
For those interested, I have a Pinterest board for Ancient Egypt. I'll be adding to it as we progress through the years. After all, I should be returning to teaching Ancient History at least two more times.

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  1. How fun! We spent part of the year discussing Ancient Egypt and my girls LOVED it! They are fascinated by mummies!

  2. Ancient Egypt is fascinating! I really enjoy each time we go through history learning about the different time periods and cultures. Not to mention, it always amazes me what my children gravitate towards - sometimes their interests surprise me, but no matter what, I love their spark of wonder and desire to learn more, too!


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