Homeschooling High School - What I've Learned So Far

We aren't even a complete year into this homeschool high school adventure and already I feel like I have learned so much. Having never homeschooled a high school student does that to you.

In no particular order, and by no means an exhaustive listing, I have learned...

  • foundations established in the younger years are essential - without a strong foundation, it is impossible to build

  • character is supreme and even more important than academics

  • relationships are more important than classes

  • have a four year plan, even if it needs to be changed - always start with the end in mind

  • interests count - give time to develop talents and gifts, even giving credit if possible

  • allow time to try out different things

  • a transcript does not define a person, it simply showcases four years of learning

  • the depth of learning is more important than the breadth of learning

As I learn more and more, I am completely humbled by those who have gone before us and share their wisdom. A few of the many sites to check out include: The Homeschool Scholar (I have her book too), 7 Sisters Homeschool, and Donna Young.

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  1. I love a lot of what you said. I try to tell my kids their transcripts have nothing to do with their self-worth. They are so much more than that. I would love for you to look at my blog and let me know what you think.


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