The High School Plan - Part I

OK, it has been revised. It isn't the original high school plan. It probably isn't the second edition. Maybe more like fifth edition and stay tuned for corrections type of plan. Let's just call it organic and leave it at that.

Deciding to homeschool through high school was actually a hard decision. Let's be honest, it is where the rubber seems to meet the road in homeschooling.

A lot of families choose something different for high school. Sometimes it is a full blown brick and mortar school. Others family choose to use an umbrella school which meets once a week and offers almost all the classes their child will need. These are the original options we were considering.

Almost immediately we decided against a five day a week school program. Our oldest, well, we ruined him with homeschooling. He reads at an adult level. To put him into courses which required reading water-downed texts and not a lot of living books seemed like torture to a child who had developed a taste for good literature and such. Plus, the stringent schedule seemed a bit much for a child who knew how to get lessons done and still have some free time.

Next, we moved onto the once or twice a week umbrella schools. We liked these. Personally, I liked the outsourcing concept. I am not lazy, just practical. To have only three to teach at home, bliss. I have already been through these younger grades at least once. It would be so e-a-s-y. (Well, at least it would appear to be easy, but then we would start and I'd remember hey homeschooling has some tough days no matter what grade or number of children you teach!)

However, as we prayed about what would be best for our child (and I learned to quiet my own opinions of personal ease), we found the Lord pointing us to the third option. The one we didn't even consider: homeschooling him at home without many external classes. We still have an umbrella school which offers guidance and some requirements. We will still use a co-op for his science class, but the rest will be at home with us planning and guiding his studies.

Now you can understand when I say: When we set about to plan high school, we were at a loss.
It wasn't the option we had thought we'd be using. Since we were at a loss, I panicked. Yep, full blown, panic. Just how do you homeschool high school? Tomorrow, I will share our plan.

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