What Will He Do?

What will he do for work? engineering? exploring?

At six, it is hard to tell what he will do as an adult. We can speculate and wonder at the options for a first grader, but for our high schooler it has become a question to ponder and answer.

Not too long ago, we giggled with our oldest about this very question. We dreamed little boy dreams with him. Now, he is maturing. His voice has deepened and his shoulders have widened. He isn't a little boy anymore. It is time to start seriously considering: What will he do?


  1. Good luck as you help your high schooler find the answer to this question! I wonder every single day what my girls will do one day and I know that the time to find the answer will come sooner than I hope!

    1. Thanks, Marla! It certainly has gone faster than I liked for our oldest, and with the others quickly following suit, I firmly believe we must cherish these moments while they are under care and guidance...soon enough they will be launched into adulthood. {Now I am thinking of that moment in Little Women when Jo goes to NY and says she is stepping over from childhood and all that is beyond...}


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