Making the Choice to Homeschool

It's June. The school year has ended. Summer activities beckon you and your children, but next school year looms in the not too far distance. September seems soon, especially when you are still deciding what to do about your children's education.

Should you send them back to a brick and mortar school or bring them home and educate them yourself?

Might I encourage you to...

Seek God's will for your family. Each and every family is unique, and so are the paths God places before us.

Ask others. There is value in asking others about their experiences. We would do well to take the time to learn from others who have walked the paths before us.

Learn your options. Homeschooling is legal in every state {be sure to check your state's specific laws}, but every community has different resources and options for homeschoolers. You might be surprised to find an opportunity which you previously did not know about.

Take time to discover what is best for your family. Numerous options result in many decisions. Is this the right choice for my family? Good decisions take time. Allow your family a reasonable amount of time to decide.

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