Seven Ways to Find Good Deals on Used Curriculum

Tis the season - Buying Used Books Season, that is.

The school year is ending. With it comes a great chance to find used books for great prices.
If you know what you want to use next year, why not take a few moments this spring to find a good deal? Depending on your curriculum choices, it could save you hundreds of dollars.

So just where are all those good deals?

Here are a few tried and true ways...

7 Ways to Find Good Deals on Used Curriculum
  1. Online Markets - ebay, craigslist, Amazon, Half Price Books
  2. Curriculum StoresRainbow Resource sometimes has seconds and used copies are available
  3. Scour Your Community for One Day/Annual Book Sales - Library book sales, used books sales, homeschool book sales may only be a short drive away. Don't forget to check flea markets and yard sales.
  4. Watch Your Feeds - Our local support group allows members to post available used curriculum.
  5. Check Used Book Stores - Both online (like AbeBooks) and in person (like 2nd and Charles), used book stores may have what you need.
  6. Ask Your Friends - Close friends might just lend you the curriculum for next year. Local and online acquaintances might be willing to sell you their used books.
  7. Consider Bartering, Trading, or Co-Owning Books - Buying books doesn't always have to mean exchanging money. Perhaps there is someone who you can swap curriculum or trade a few books. Co-owning is another option too. Sharing books with another family works great if one family needs it one year and the other family needs it the next.

Of course, the best deal is free! However, if you must buy some curriculum, it certainly helps to get a lower price.

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