Why My Children Play in the Dirt


...and build tents out of blankets.

It isn't because we haven't the latest technology.
No, we have cable, computers, Wii, 3DS, MP3 players, etc.
They enjoy their limited screen time.
It isn't because we don't have the trendy toys.
No, we have Lego kits, Star Wars Angry Bird games, etc.
These they enjoy as well.
So, why with such an abundance of modern items to play, do my children choose dirt and shovels or blankets and furniture from time to time?
  • you can only stare at a screen so long, especially when your time is limited.
  • you can only manipulate or change a building set kit or game's rules so much.
But, dirt and shovels, blankets and furniture can be changed and used in many ways. Like with paint and brushes, yarn and needles, ordinary building blocks, beads and string, sticks and balls, keyboards and notes...
The imagination is inspired.
The play is creative.
The result is enjoyment. 
"It is happy talent to know how to play."
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson


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