How to Get in 180 Days and Still Take Breaks

You need a break,
but you need to log 180 days of school.

The kids need a break,
but they have to complete 180 days.

Just how can you get in 180 days of schools and still take a break?

Seven simple ideas to take a break, but still get in some schooling:
Or seven ideas to rejuvenate your schooling days.
Or seven ways to just mix-up your days.
  1. Take a field trip or two in one week. During February, we scheduled two field trips on consecutive school days. It was a bit of travel, but the break was worth it.
  2. Go outside. Be in awe of what God has created. Trees, snow, birds, stars, animals, etc. declare the glory of God. Take along an identification book, notebook, or smart phone app to explore items you find along the way.
  3. Spend a day {or week} on just one topic, unit study fashion. It is a great way to incorporate your children's interests into their school days.
  4. Spend a day learning how to make or do something by hand like butter churning and molding, how to pitch a tent, sew clothing, or build a bottle rocket or mouse trap vehicle.
  5. Serve at a local charity or food bank. A day serving someone else is an eye opening experience with a chance to grow compassion for others.
  6. Spend a day like someone in history. My blogging friend Jessica and her children pioneered this past fall. Check out her post here.
  7. Immerse your self in a book and read aloud an entire chapter book in one day. This is great for those rainy days which often occur in the spring. Incorporate corresponding activities and snacks if possible.

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