Summer Reading List for Girls

Summer reading is full of fun and fascination.

At times, it seems like summer reading is less important.

Aside from reporting titles or time to optional summer reading programs, children typically don't have to do anything with the books they read. We require little to no narration, book reports, or literature guides. In fact, our children are free to enjoy the books just for the sake of enjoyment! Perhaps this is the most important kind of reading then. {Reading to enjoy books, novel idea, eh?}

Which leads me to believe that maybe...
Summer reading is more important.

Today, I'd like to share some of the books my girls, who are in the upper elementary and middle school years, enjoy. There is a variety of books listed with a wide range of reading levels.

All of the books have been found on our bookshelves, our friends' bookshelves, or the local library.

Classics & Good Books:


Book Series:

My Daughters' Ultimate Favorites as of Spring 2013:
Though they recommend all the books on this listing, these are the current favorites in our household.

*Links provided for further investigation, not affiliate links.
*Parents should provide guidance in children's reading choices. What is acceptable to one family, may not be to another.

Coming Soon: Summer Reading List for Boys

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