Academics, Extras, and Dumbing Down

...a weekly wrap-up, of sorts.

Weeks have gone by in whirl winds. Have you ever had a homeschool season like that? It is incredible to me that the year is almost over. We have about 4 weeks left, and I feel like we are sprinting to the finish line. All the while I am planning for the next race year.

Just what have we been up to? A few highlights are found below.

History Studies are quickly moving toward modern times. We've gone from turn of the century (1900) to the end of World War II.

Some of the history books read were:

A movie we watched as a family:
Chariots of Fire {found it on Netflix}

Assigned Reading, from oldest to youngest -
*Ours is the older version.

New, and New-to-Us Books we found at the library -
*a new-to-us title

Questions I have...for Math
There are many questions surrounding math as we finish out this year.
  • Algebra lessons are wrapping up for our oldest (2). We aren't sure if he'll do Geometry or Algebra II next year.
  • Our sixth grader will complete her Horizons Math 6. We were pleased with it for her, but aren't sure what curriculum we will use next year. Her brother worked through Horizons Pre-Algebra in seventh grade, but we are not sold on it.
  • Our fourth grader will move on to Horizons Math 5. No decisions to be made there!
  • For our Kindergartner who is about to embark on first grade, we are deciding between Horizons and Singapore. 
Decisions, decisions, decisions!

In the Kindergarten corner:
Our youngest, aside from learning basics in math and how to read, is learning about Africa (3) and Human Anatomy (4). I hope to share more about each of these in a future post. For now, I want to share a few resources we found for creating Kente Cloth (West Africa) with paper for younger children. These are:

Extra Activities
  • ATC Club (1) - The girls are sending off some insect themed cards for an international trade.
  • Volleyball (5) - Our oldest two children are involved in a volleyball skills clinic.
  • Soccer has started for our younger two children. The first game was last week.
  • Science Olympiad Medals (6) - Our oldest two competed and medaled in two out of three events each.
  • Car for AWANA Grand Prix (7) - Though our youngest daughter's car did not place, it looked stylish sporting green and blue colors.

I am Reading
Articles from around the web:

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. You provide so much good information.

    Visiting from ihomeschool. My boys were interested in your daughter's car because they wondered if the low-in-front design would make them faster, as they learned about when reading The Wright Brother's biography from Sonlight (wind resistance) My older one is sure he wants to do a wedge design next year. :) Thankfully AWANA provides help with cutting the wood and will do any design the child asks for.

    Have a blessed week. Enjoyed your journal very much. :)

    1. Thanks! It's nice to meet you and read about your week too.

      The wedge shape did perform better than last year's model of a rounded capsule-like shape. She also added metal washers to the back (these she painted black to mimic a spare wheel) This also helped greatly. Unfortunately for her, the car kept getting 2nd in the initial heats, meaning in our Grand Prix, she never advanced past the first round (only winners of races progressed). Very neat your AWANA cuts the cars for the kids. Ours leaves it up to the families (unless no one in the family can help, then the child gets assistance from the club).

  2. You're in the homestretch! We have 7 weeks left or 35 days (so it might turn into 8 weeks if we miss a day here or there). I spent this week off planning for those weeks, wrapping books and projects up, and simplifying things. The last couple of months can be hard for us to focus to the return of warmer, sunnier weather after a long winter.

    1. Right you are - sunshine streaming in our windows and the promise of warmer air makes it hard to keep to the books here too :-)

  3. Fun activities! My 12yo loved those racer derbies! She never won, but came up with some fun ideas for paint designs!

  4. What a great list of books. You all are reading lots of fun stuff.
    Blessings, Dawn

  5. I sent you an email -- hope you got it! I always love reading your blog -- it's been a couple of years now that I've been getting lots of book selection ideas from you... thanks for linking with Collage Friday!

  6. It's awesome that you're getting to read so many great history books? Are you using a spine of any kind, or just pulling things together on your own? I love history, but I have to have some kind of a plan to follow. :-)

    1. Hi Judy, We use Story of the World for a spine. Over the past four years (this year included) it has served us well as a starting point for our history studies. I also appreciate the careful attention to world history and placing events into world context that the books for the most part have.


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