Who Are Veteran Homeschoolers?

Maybe you are just four months into homeschooling, or maybe you are four years into homeschooling. No matter how long you have been homeschooling, maybe you feel like I do.

We have been homeschooling for almost a decade, and sometimes, I still feel like a newbie, especially when it comes to the high school years we are about to begin next year.

There is so much to learn, and I am constantly realizing how little I know. However, since we have been homeschooling for a long time, I wonder, am I a veteran homeschooler? Which of course led to the all important question: What does a 'Veteran Homeschooler' know, look like, or do that sets her apart from the crowd?

Here are my thoughts...

You Might Be a Veteran Homeschooler If...
1.  Have sold/given away curriculum only to realize you still needed/wanted it

2.  Have bought the same curriculum more than once {see number 1}

3.  You can take the kids skiing and still call it a day of school
{phys ed; instruction in recreational activity; snow and weather observation; study wind effect; learning about the potential for avalanches; the study of velocity, incline, and gravity; exploring mechanics such as the chair lift with its system of cables; observing first hand affect of repetitively falling down on human beings with a focus on the variable of age; cost analysis of renting and purchasing equipment; etc. See, totally educational. Now go skiing with no regrets!}

4.  Have finally cracked open the answer key to the kindergarten math workbook, because you can't do simple addition with your youngest after teaching algebra to your oldest

5.  Know and take advantage of all the homeschool discounts at area businesses. In fact, you are no longer amazed by them, but wonder why everyone isn't offering a homeschool discount, deal, or day.

6.  Plan family trips around potential field trips, especially the free or discounted ones.

7.  People regularly give you books, teaching resources, or art supplies, because they figure you can find a use for it. Even the librarian sets aside books for you.

8.  The pediatrician, dental hygienist, and grocery cashier all know you are homeschooling, and follow along your journey by often asking how it is going.

9.  Science experiments and projects are easily absorbed into your home decor. They no longer look out of place. In fact, you count on the new projects to redecorate and freshen/update your home's appearance.

10. What do you think? What else says "You Might Be a Veteran Homeschooler"?

My score: 8 out of 9 are a yes.
Disclaimer: Of course, this was meant in good fun and should not be taken seriously. Every homeschooling mom has something to offer, whether newbie, veteran, or like me, somewhere in between. And, yes, the "You might be a" phrase was coined best by Jeff Foxworthy in his "You Might Be a Redneck, if..." series.  ~ Enjoy your weekend!

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