Homeschool Days at the Aquarium

Last week, we took two field trips on back to back days. It made for a nice change of pace.
I've already shared about one trip involving the Chinese New Year. Our second trip was to an out of state aquarium during one of their homeschooling days. The aquarium offers homeschool families/students discounted tickets on set weeks throughout the school year. It takes a bit of advance planning and set up, but it was well worth it for the considerable discount.
Our day included:
observing the typical east coast aquarium sites, such as fish and coral, jellyfish, turtles, and penguins;
taking in a penguin feeding demonstration;
hi-fiving a turtle;
traveling beneath swimming sharks;
and a few brave girls sitting inside a shark's mouth.
But, our favorite place might just have been with the hippos and birds!
We spent the most time in this room watching the birds fly around freely and the hippos eat.

We even stayed beyond the recommended fifteen minute mark...

as we watched the grey bird {pictured above in the middle of the third collage} steal the hippos food and make a gigantic, comfy nest.

All in all, the day was worth the advance planning and travel.

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  1. How fun - I love that you went to our aquarium! We love it there and can watch the hippos for hours!


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