Moby Dick Lesson Ideas and Resources

It wasn't long until my six year old started picking out books about Moby Dick. To be completely truthful he picked up the first book because he thought it was about Jonah. He was quite disappointed to find out it wasn't, but gave the book a try anyway. After his first time through with his older sister reading, he was hooked. It didn't hurt that his brother had read Moby Dick last year.

Since he is interested, I thought I'd start looking for some lesson ideas and resources. What I have found is listed below.


Whale Activities for Younger Kids

On Line Free Lesson Plans for Older Kids
  • The Great Book Foundation offers a synopsis of the novel and discussion questions here.
  • Discovery Education offers two free lesson plans for high schoolers reading Moby Dick. The first is a literature guide with journaling activities. It is found here. The second centers on whether Captain Ahab was a tragic hero or not. The free lesson plan includes vocabulary and suggestions for debate. You can find it here

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  1. I never thought of using Moby Dick as a unit. I can think of at least one of my kids who'd love that! Making notes and bookmarking your post. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Nor did I :-) until my youngest got so enthralled with the story line. Who knew it could be such a hit with such a young one?


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