Homeschooling Myself

Ever since the first day, homeschooling has reignited my passion for learning.
Has it yours?

In fact, every year I  look forward a little more to learning something new.

There's a couple of the classes I enjoy just a bit more now then when I was in school: 
logic, writing, and even sometimes, science. {Yes, science, it is shocking, I know!}

Then, there are the things I always liked and now get to share with my children:
history and art.

Not to mention, all that I want to learn, or relearn:
knitting, crocheting, photography, and Spanish.

And, there is always the list of books I want to read which includes:
Anna Karenina and Bonhoeffer.

1 comment:

  1. I feel the same way about our homeschooling journey. I even enjoy math! This says a lot since I stopped taking math as soon as my high school requirement was completed. It sounds like you guys are on beautiful homeschooling journey. Thank you for sharing.


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