Giving Back to Other Homeschoolers

Yesterday, I shared a bit about how I volunteer in our local homeschool community.
These are roles that work for my life and my family. However, you may not have the same opportunities as I do. Today, I've compiled a short listing of ways to give back to other homeschoolers. Within this listing, perhaps you will find some ideas.

Be an encourager - Share your story, whether on line or in person. People need to know others have been in similar situations and how they worked through them. Also, some people like to get a 'picture' of what homeschooling could be like before they try it. You can help create that image for them, assuring them that homeschooling is possible and successful.

Share your resources - Donate unused, nearly new, or dearly loved books, resources, or curriculum to another family. Use your blog, website, facebook page, etc to bless others with lesson plans, worksheets, or free printables you have created.

Give money - Some homeschoolers are facing tough times and tough situations. Perhaps you and your family could help. The Home School Foundation is one place to start.

Contribute - Is there an organization, homeschool support group, or co-op your family is blessed by? Maybe you can volunteer some of your time or talents in helping it operate.

Lead - Are great area resources, willing people, and wonderful ideas surrounding you? Do you feel prompted to start something new in your local homeschool community? Then this may be an opportunity for you to lead a group of homeschoolers in a new ministry, project, group, or direction.

*Pictures from this nature walk.

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