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My husband works outside of the home, and sometimes, it can seem like he is removed from our homeschool, but he really isn't.  We make an effort to work together in and for our homeschool.  Today I am sharing some ideas which work in our household.  Perhaps you will find one for yours? 

A Dozen Ways to Include Dad in Homeschooling

  1. Field Trips - Plan one on a Saturday or a day he has off, and go together as a family
  2. Science - Sometimes hands on experiments are perfect for father and child to do together.  Our oldest son and my husband worked together last year on a Science Olympiad Bottle Rocket Event.
  3. Tutoring or Teaching - Is there an area your husband could teach better, or help your child through a difficult spot?
  4. Talents - I happen to be married to a drummer.  So, when the children want to learn to play, he teaches them. 
  5. Repairs - Does your home need a few fixes?  Or maybe your car needs an oil change?  These are wonderful opportunities for a father and child to do together.
  6. Sports - In many leagues, fathers can volunteer as a coach or referee in their children's sporting events.
  7. Phys Ed - Time together as a family doesn't always have to be spent in passive activities.  Take up hiking, boating, or tennis as a family.
  8. Hobbies - My husband enjoys fishing, and he has taught our children to like it as well.
  9. Nature Walks - Time spent in God's creation exploring the marvels and wonders is another way.
  10. Survival Skills - Can your husband build a fire or find edible plants in a forest?  These are important skills he could pass on to your children.
  11. Discussing Your Days - At dinner, our children discuss our day.  Generally, the children share their favorite part of the day, but once in awhile they tell of a challenge or struggle.  Either way, their Daddy is better informed about our homeschooling days simply by listening to the children share.
  12. Bible - Whether mornings before work or evenings after work, the family can gather together in prayer and Bible reading for a time. 

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  1. I totally agree with you! Thanks for the list with some added ideas for Dad!!


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