Ways to Stifle Creativity

...in yourself, your children, and others.

  • Comparisons - With each comparison, we lose.  We lose the joy of creating by making it a competition.  Typically, one that no one wins.
  • Cruel comments - Constructive advice can help, cruel remarks just hurt.  Whether we say them aloud, with facial expressions or thoughts unheard, cruel words only hinder creativity.
  • Basic physical needs going unmet - It is almost impossible to think straight when you haven't had enough sleep or food, let alone be creative.
  • Spending too much time reading or researching what others are doing - Creativity doesn't have to be unique.  In fact, with a world full of 6 billion+ individuals, there is bound to be at least one other person doing something very similar to you.  However, you are unique.  NO one, not one of those 6 billion+ people, is you.  You have a unique combination of personality, resources, thought process, and talents.  Live them out.  Take regular breaks from reading, internet surfing, and pinning everyone else's great ideas, and use those free times to discover a few of your own. 
  • Predetermined expectations - Knowing what you want to achieve and trying to be perfect are two different things.  Failures will occur.  Grow and learn from your mistakes.  Some mistakes can turn out to be fantastic, creative endeavors.

"Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new."
- Albert Einstein

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  1. Very true! I like this post very much and see a lot of truth in it. Thank you!


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