Poetical Science

Honestly, I never thought to put science and poetry together.  That is, until we found these two books at our local library.

Animal Naps - Catherine Ham
It is a book about various animals sleeping with accompanying poetry. The poems themselves vary in rhythm.  Some were easier to read aloud than others.  Generally, the content was good, and the words was playful.  However, I should add some of the poems didn't really interest my five year old.  He was more interested in the photography.  All the pictures are of real animals sleeping. These pictures are amazing, my youngest son especially like the hedgehog and alligator pictures.  Overall, I would recommend borrowing this title, if only for the photographs. They are delightful.On a side note, the boa poem offered me a chance to tell our five year old about one of the snakes we use to own.  {No reptiles in the house now, just a dog} 

UnBEElievables: Honeybee Poems and Paintings - Douglas Florian
This book is all about bees.  Poems vary in type and content, with each one telling about one specific attribute or aspect of bees. There is a lot of scientific information contained in this poetry book.  For instance, we learned about dancing, specific types of bees and their jobs, how a bee develops, and bee keepers.  Each page has a small inset paragraph explaining scientific and historical facts about bees that relate to the content of each poem. This is definitely a book I would borrow again.  It would make a great resource for a bee unit study.

Linked to Read Aloud Thursday at Hope Is the Word, a great place to find all sorts of interesting books!

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  1. We've read quite a few scientific poetry books (or are they poetical science books?). ;-). My favorite off the top of my head is Cousins of Clouds by Teacie Vaughn Zimmer, a book about elephants. (I reviewed it, if you'd care to look it up on my blog. I can't get my iPod to allow me to paste in a link right now.). I think such books make poetry more palatable for my non-poetry loving girls. Thanks for sharing these titles! They sound great!


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