A Nature Walk - Revisiting Marshy Wetlands in Summertime

During wintertime, we said we wanted to go back.  We definitely wanted to see those marshy wetlands in the summertime, with green life evident.

This past week, when the school days were over, we went back. 

Everywhere we looked, we saw life, green and abundant.  Birds fluttered and flew about the skies and plants.  Insects buzzed.  We soaked it all in, marveling at the differences between wintertime and summertime in a marshy wetland. 

It was spectacular.

The very same day we visited, a group of school aged children were at the marsh as well.  In their groups, they rotated about the marshy wetlands learning about the ecosystem.  One station was vacant as we walked by it.  Our children stopped to check out the shell which had been used as part of an informative talk.

In an effort to present a balanced, honest account of our visit and the marshy wetlands, I should mention and show some of the neighboring area.  While we thoroughly enjoyed our visit, and will return, I do not want to leave you with the impression that we were in some secluded nature preserve of an ideal part of the country.  Oh, no, on the contrary! 

This lovely spot of green is encased by a river,

a train that travels quite loudly on rails, a vibrant city, 

and this man made hill.  It looks like a hill, but really it is where our trash ends up...just outside of town, in view of the marshy wetlands.

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  1. The marsh photos are lovely...as is the train and former garbage. :)


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