A Nature Walk - Marshy Wetlands in Wintertime

Last week, while the weather was still on the warmer side,
we traveled to a nature preserve located downtown.
It is at the area where the marsh, river, and city meet.

After a tour through the nature center,
complete with a scavenger hunt worksheet,
 animal track identifications, and interactive displays,
we headed down to the marsh.

The boardwalk pathway leads around a pond area
with several look out sections.
We used every one.

Though the marshy wetlands were not teeming with life in the winter,
 we watched a few different species of birds,
enjoyed the various textures,

became acquainted with the observational tools,

and saw the bottom of the pond.

Afterwards, we walked over a bridge to a rock garden.
The textures along the path beckoned us to explore.

It is definitely a place we want to return to in the late spring or early summer.

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