Children's Chapter Books I First Read as a Grown Up

On Monday, I shared some picture books I first discovered as an adult.  Today, I'd like to share children's chapter books which I first read as read alouds to my children.  Although I missed out on them during my childhood, they are now favorites of mine.  The top half dozen, in descending order are...

6.  The Wind in the Willows, by Kenneth Grahame, first published in 1908.  Though we have read abridged and shortened versions, our favorite is the unabridged.  With all the adventure, comedy, and interesting characters, we can't resist having all the words read aloud.  My children's favorite character is Mr. Toad.

5.  My Father's Dragon, by Ruth Stiles Gannet, published in 1948 - When our oldest was in Kindergarten, I read him this book.  It was my first time reading it.  Now, I am looking forward to another read through soon with my five year old.  The adventure, animals, and imaginative events will delight my son.

4.  The Cricket in Times Square, by Garth Williams, published in 1960 - Chester, the cricket, befriends an unlikely group of animals while living in a Times Square subway station.  We laughed our way through this book.  My children have all reread the book and its companion books.

3.  Understood Betsy, by Dorothy Canfield Fisher, who lived from 1879 - 1958.  Though I don't know the original publication date, we obtained a more recent reprint copy from Sonlight Curriculum.  The story takes place during the early 1900's.  Throughout the pages, Elizabeth Ann undergoes a dramatic change from shy, timid, sickly girl to a vibrant, thoughtful, friendly youngster.  The process, filled with love and challenge is subtle, but always present.  A great read aloud for the whole family.

2.  Kildee House, by Rutherford Montgomery, published in 1949.  A home built under a giant redwood in a forest is the setting.  Jerome lives among, and with some of the animals of the forest.  His adventures, other characters, and setting all lend themselves to a memorable tale.

1. The Wheel on the School, by Meindert DeJong, published in 1954.  Set in Holland, a group of school aged children are determined to bring the storks back to their village.  Though a long, intricate story, the book is well worth the time to read aloud.

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  1. All of these that I've read (Wind in the Willows, Understood Betsy, My Father's Dragon, and Cricket in Times Square, but the last one in audio) I also "met" as an adult. The other two are on my TBR list, though my eldest has already read Kildee House. What a great idea for a post!

  2. I feel cheated that I did not experience much quality children's literature when I was a kid. I read teen romance novels and silly mass paperback fictions. When I went to college, I started reading classical and quality children's lit. I have only read two books on your list. There are so many great ones still to explore!


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