Fun Science Experiments and Observations

Currently, we are knee deep in science.  Experiments and observations are scattered about our home and filling our time. 

The kitchen table centerpiece has been replaced with a greenhouse which is made from two large animal cracker plastic containers taped together.  It stands about two feet tall, and houses two growing daffodil plants. 

On the nearby counter stands a white carnation.  The stem has been sliced straight down into two pieces.  One of these rests in a jar of red water.  The other is in blue water. 

We wait for the dyed water to make a difference in the color of the carnation.  See the blue starting to form in the photograph below?  {very faint along the left side of the outer flower petals}  Both of these projects are from my son's Apologia science text.

In the back room, three bottle rockets await test launches.  More will be created today.  These are in preparation for an upcoming science olympiad.  Our oldest son is competing in three events: bottle rocket, write it/do it, and polymer detective. 

Over the weekend, we visited the library in search of a few more resources to help prepare for the science olympiad.  While there, I found two fabulous science resources.

Don't these titles sound fun?  Both books were new to me.  We've already tried out a few of the experiments and like the ideas so well that I am contemplating purchasing these resources to add to our personal science resources.

Almost daily, with our regular science lessons, co-op, science olympiad preparations, and now these two fun books, there seems to be some science experiment or observation occurring in our home.


  1. ooh....I LOVE the flower paint! I totally forgot about this until I read your post :) Thanks for the reminder!

  2. We did this last summer and loved it! Now you reminded me that I wanted to try green for St. Patrick's Day! Thank you!

  3. Replies
    1. That was challenging and had to be done twice since the first time didn't quite work...


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