Learning the Catechism

Ever wonder what a catechism is?  It is a set of questions and answers that explains the Christian faith.  There are a few different catechisms available. 

For our family, we use the Westminster Shorter Catechism.  It has 107 questions and answers that our children are memorizing.  They learn about a quarter of the catechism each school year, and will use four school years to cover the entire catechism.  During the school year, we cover one question and answer each week.  A few weeks are spent reviewing previously learned questions and answers. 

To help the children understand each question and answer, we use Training Hearts, Teaching Minds, written by Starr Meade.  The questions and answers are written in modern English.  This is extremely helpful for our younger children who sometimes have difficulty understanding some of the words and phrases used in the catechism.  The devotional is set up to cover one question and answer for an entire week.  Six daily devotionals are included for each one.  The devotionals are short and include suggested Biblical verses to be read from your own personal Bible.

Vol. 3-Westminster Shorter Catechism Songs

Our children memorize the answers to each question we study.  To aid in this memorization, we play the corresponding song from The Westminster Shorter Catechism CD set by Holly Dutton.  These songs are fun and helpful.  Our children sing along to the lyrics, which are the question and answer, for each catechism question.  This year, we are using Volume 3.  Aside from helping to learn the answers, these CDs are fabulous to help review previously learned questions and answers.

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