Arm Chair Nature Walks

When the weather outside is too cold or windy, or the roads are too icy, exploring nature may just not be an option.  However, you can always take 'an arm chair kind of nature walk.'  One of our favorite ways to take an arm chair walk through the woods is with a good photography book. 

Two books we recently found at our library are Lost in the Woods and Stranger in the Woods.  Both are by Carl R. Sams II and Jean Stoick. 

The first book, Lost in the Woods, tells the tale of a fawn's first few weeks of life spent hiding in the woods.  The other animals declare the fawn to be lost, despite the fawn's explanations.  The conversations among the woodland animals is comical and endearing.  Each accompanying photograph is incredible. 

Stranger in the Woods is very similar to Lost in the Woods, except it takes place in the winter and includes a few little children.  With the variety of woodland animals and their mission to discover the stranger's identity {a snowman}, this story is fun to read aloud.  Just like the first, the photographs are amazing.

For our family, we haven't had too much opportunity to be snowed in this year as it has been one mild winter!  However, one rainy afternoon we did enjoy perusing through these books.

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