Combating Mid-Year Discouragement

Homeschooling is wonderful, most of the time.  But, let's face it, some days are tough.  Some parts of the year are harder than others.  Such is the case with the winter days midway through the school year.

This is when the mid-year blues start to rear an ugly head. When, sometimes, we homeschooling moms get discouraged and even start to second guess ourselves or our decision to homeschool.

You know the signs of discouragement. It may look different for each one of us. For me, there are three tell tale signs... looking longingly at the school down the street, wanting to call it quits when we've only started the day, and a loss of creativity.

What is a discouraged homeschooling mom to do?  Today, I am sharing a few suggestions at Growing Your Homeschool.

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