Taught or Caught

I can teach my child to read
but a love of reading is caught as they see me peruse written words and books.

I can teach my child to add and subtract
but an appreciation of the skill is caught as they watch me compare prices in the grocery store finding the best deal.

I can teach my child to use maps and globes
but its value is caught as I navigate through an unfamiliar city when the GPS won't work.

I can teach my child historical dates and events
but its importance is caught as I connect the impact of certain events on their own lives.

I can teach my child about poetry, art, and music
but a passion for expressing themselves is caught as they witness my creative talents being used.

I can teach my child the scientific names of the stars,
but a wonder for the beauty and majesty of God's creation is caught as they see me staring with awe at the night sky.

I can teach my child about various cultures and people of the world,
but a love for others is caught as they watch me extend my time and hands to help others beyond the confines of our home.

The inspiration for this post came from the terminology of caught and taught we so often hear together.  Recently I have heard it phrased "It doesn't matter as much what you are teaching your child.  It matters more what they are catching from you."  Though the idea behind this post is not original to me...the examples are those that have happened in our homeschool.  Yes, the GPS actually stopped working in NYC! 


  1. I agree Dorie! We can present our children with much material but in the end it really is the connections that they develop on their own which gives them the rich education.

    1. Yes, that 'rich education' is one our hopes for our children.

  2. You always make me smile!


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