Top Ten Thinking Toys and Games

Top Ten {Tuesday}

Tis the season of toys and games...or so the advertisers might have us believe.  Thinking about all the toys and games available is overwhelming.  There are so many fun looking options for boys and girls.  However, I do believe it could be argued that some toys are more beneficial in regards to creativity, thinking skills, and educational value, and thus could be added as extra learning activities to a child's day.  So while my top ten listing is not exhaustive nor is it necessarily tiered toward what is the best, it does offer a sampling of ten of our favorite toys that help build creativity and thinking skills in our home all year long.

In no particular order....

memory games - various editions, but one of our favorites is based on a 'school' subject is Art Memo

tangrams and pentominoes- shapes and spacial discrimination typically falls under math
   we have Super Mind, Pentominoes Pattern Cards, and tangrams

Sequence games - we like the States and Capitals version for an additional geography activity

Guess Who? - combining vocabulary, descriptions, and critical thinking this game is fun for all ages

Professor Noggins Trivia Card Games - many subjects to choose, we have the National Parks version

Square Up - patterns, colors, and sequential moves probably qualifies this game as a math activity

puzzles - can be used to enhance any topical study or general subject
    we have USA puzzle (geography), coral reef puzzle with numerous varieties of fish (science)

Brain Quest - many topics and grade levels to choose from, ours is the Presidents edition

Scrabble, Scrabble Slam, Scrabble Junior - word building, vocabulary...definitely a language arts extra

Lincoln Logs, Knex, and Legos - used for all subjects
   our children build anything and everything they have they have studied - recently our oldest son
          built a DNA chain with his Knex set

Honorable Mentions....
Quoridor, Rumis, and Blokus - fabulous for developing thinking skills while playing a game

* Links provided to be helpful, not affiliations...just sharing information.


  1. These are great games :) This year I've asked for crafty type items that I can use during school. The girls love puzzles & Sophie is just starting to get the idea of a game.

  2. Great ideas! I LOVE buying learning activities for the girls. They make fabulous gifts!


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