Christmas Ornaments from Nature

Many times, I have seen beautiful ornaments and decorations made from items found in nature.  The natural colors, textures, and scents add warmth and beauty.  Recently, we spent an evening at a local garden that used natural elements to decorate for Christmas.  There were three that I particularly liked and thought we could easily make.

This particular ornament was made from those prickly balls and a small pine cone.  Another decoration we saw was made from cinnamon sticks stuck into moss covered balls.  The third ornament was a ball made from grape vines with a bright red ribbon for a hanger.

Though we have yet to try any of these creations, perhaps next year we will be on the look out for supplies on our November and December nature walks.  Then again, maybe we will just enjoy nature's own decorations for Christmas...right where they are...

{We saw this tree with its own hanging decorations
while at the park last week}

{This is a photo from earlier this month, but this holly bush
in our backyard is still laden with berries}

I'll return to posting about our homeschool adventures after the new year.  Until then,
May you and yours have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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  1. I love the decorations that nature comes up with! Merry Christmas!!


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