Beginning Again After a Holiday Break

Eight o'clock rang on the chimes, but I was still finishing up the day. To describe the day as hectic would have been an understatement. However, the day was not without some positive aspects. We did finish a day of school. It was sporadic and patched together, but a day of learning took place and progress was made. There was very few complaints, and even some laughter.

It was our first day back to our school routine after a ten day holiday break, and I declared this would not happen again. 

How do you begin again? After taking some much needed time off for travel, family visits, holiday celebrations, rest, and relaxation, just how do you get back into the homeschool routine you had already established before your break?

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  1. Hi,
    Just found you through No Ordinary Blog hop.
    I think we have it easier than most homeschoolers to get back into routine after 'holidays' as we have set term dates to work to. My husband is a teacher and we live in a boarding school, so when daddy is out and the big boys live with us it's work time. When daddy is home and the big boys are gone it's play time!

    Is there something visual that you could use a cue that school is back on?


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