Practicing Being Still

Every week, I teach a science class to a group of children ranging from preschool to third grade.  The class lasts two hours.  The children are wonderfully inquisitive about every topic.  In fact, it is very easy to teach such curious students.  However, it is not always so easy for them to contain their exuberance. 

Some weeks, their energy level is quite high and sitting still is hard, even after a few move about activities.  SO, they have take to a little friendly competition among themselves. 

During the short read aloud book, they play a little game, a sitting still kind of game.  Whoever sits the stillest gets rewarded by being served snack first.  Amazingly, this small incentive and the ensuing 'bragging rights' motivate them all to sit still while I read aloud.  They do not have to stay completely still.  In fact, I encourage discussion and questions during the reading.

Oddly enough, on days when I don't think the game is necessary, they still ask to play, and we do.

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