Learning Logic

Who knew the wealth of information I would learn as I began teaching our oldest logic?  Using The Fallacy Detective, by Nathaniel Bluedorn and Hans Bluedorn, we began our logic studies informally.  Each week, we read and discuss a lesson.  The brief lessons are designed to be completed alone, in pairs, or in a group.  Topics include making assumptions, statistical fallacies, and propaganda.  The lessons flow easily from one fallacy to another with built in review. 

Our oldest son is enjoying his first lessons in logic, and I have been gleaning great nuggets of knowledge as I guide him through this book.

The Fallacy Detective: Thirty-Eight Lessons on How to Recognize Bad Reasoning

There have been times, during informal discussions, that I have known a statement or conclusion was wrong, but I did not know how or why it was logically incorrect.  After completing twenty-eight lessons, I now know some of the errors and the types of fallacies.  This small book has only scratched the surface of studying logic, but it has been a fabulous start.  After we complete the remaining ten lessons, my son and I plan to read through The Thinking Toolbox, by Nathaniel Bluedorn and Hans Bluedorn. 

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  1. That looks like a great way to teach logic. I will have to remember that book for when my girls get older. Thanks for sharing, Dorie!


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