A Book I Might Just Need to Buy

A Nest for Celeste: A Story About Art, Inspiration, and the Meaning of HomeSurely you have read this title in a post somewhere else.  I know I have seen it mentioned many times this summer, and to everyone who has ever posted about it, consider yourself hugged, big bear hug group style by myself and our children.  Seriously, what a treasure you have shared with us!

After reading more than half a dozen posts on this book, I decided to request a copy from our public library.  It arrived, and we started reading it.  And, thus began our family's intrigue with Celeste, the sweet natured mouse in A Nest for Celeste, by Henry Cole.

From the beginning pages we were captivated as we followed Celeste's adventures with the rats, a cat, a human friend, and a few other mishaps.  With delight and great anticipation, we looked forward to the day's reading.  Each day, enjoying it more.

The children even started picking the book up between readings, paging through it, and saying to one another, "A Nest for Celeste is cool!" "Do we own it?" and "Oh, it is a library book.  It has to go back."

Perhaps this is a book that needs to be added to our own shelves as the children and I enjoyed it tremendously.

After we finished the read aloud, I gathered some additional books.  The first is one we have.
  Audubon's Mammals: The Quadrupeds of North America
Audubon's Mammals: The Quadrupeds of North America
The others I found at our local library.  These included:
Capturing Nature: The Writings and Art of John James Audubon, edited by Peter and Connie Roop
Into the Woods: John James Audubon Lives His Dream, by Robert Burleigh
Audubon: Painter of Birds in the Wild Frontier, by Jennifer Armstrong

For related fun, we read How to Paint the Portrait of a Bird, by Jacques Prevert (Thank you Amy for mentioning this one!)
The children freely perused these extra titles.

Some of the posts I read that mention A Nest for Celeste are these at Homegrown Learners and Grace in Loving Chaos.  I am truly sorry to the other ladies who shared about this book, I cannot remember each post I read.  Please know I am extremely grateful for your recommendations, and our children (and I) are blessed by your words!

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  1. This was a must own for us too. Checking out the mammal books, we missed that one. Thanks for sharing : D

  2. We are reading this at night before bed, also! LOL! :)


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