What Homeschooling Looks Like

...in our house this month.

We got a bunny! My husband and oldest son had built the cage this past winter. A few weeks ago, my parents, who were looking near their home, tracked down the perfect bunny for us. After a relatively long family discussion debate argument, we named him Gandalf. {It was a five to one vote. I wanted to name the bunny Leonardo (think Da Vinci), but in the end I sided with the Gandalf crowd.} Our dog likes to 'hunt' the rabbit. That may not end well, so we keep them separated.

Great success at our local library ~ This time we found two of my oldest daughter's favorite things rolled into one sweet book. What do you get when you combine Star Wars and Shakespeare?...why...William Shakespeare's The Jedi Doth Return, by Ian Doescher...of course. It is The Return of the Jedi written in Shakespearian language!

Our science co-op classes have begun. This year, the co-op has grown immensely. My K-2nd grade class was split into two. I am currently teaching 1st and 2nd grade science and training the Kindergarten science teacher. She will take over completely in the Kindergarten science class after Thanksgiving, but for now, I am running two classes back to back. For my 1st and 2nd grade class, we will begin the year learning about plants. I'm attempting to grow roots for observation during one class. Attempting may be the best word to describe what is or isn't happening in those jars.

My new favorite grammar resource ~ Michael Dahl has written a Word Fun series of books which I recently read some with my second grader. They are fabulous as a review. For instance, If You Were an Adverb tells all the ways an Adverb is used. At the end of each book is a simple to do activity. My son and I did each one after he read the book to me. These were perfect for the start of this school year. We read through the book on nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs as these are the parts of speech my son learned last year.

My oldest son is taking World Literature. Pictured above, he is reading through the first assigned book: The Odyssey. He can read anywhere, even in a hard back chair leaning over a desk! {Personally, I prefer a comfy chair or hammock.} Last year, he progressed through Teaching the Classics with the Worldview Supplement, which we loved! Honestly, for this year, I had a hard time finding a literature curriculum I liked. So far, I am pleased with Excellence in Literature: World Literature.

In the final picture, my husband is reading another library find to our youngest one evening. While he isn't studying the modern age in history or even technology and inventions in science, the book looked interesting and we borrowed it.

Not pictured:
After this weekend, the pool will close. We are sad to see the summer days end, but I know I am looking forward to some nature walks this fall.

My youngest daughter and I went Christmas shopping {already}. Actually, we were hunting through the back-to-school sales for some items to go into OCC shoeboxes. We followed up our successful trip with lunch at Panera's. It was a wonderful time for the two of us. {love being able to get some time alone with each child!}

Volleyball for my oldest daughter started last week and this week flag football for my youngest son began. Our fall schedule is much lighter this year when compared to last year. For this, I am thankful. We've cut back on out of the house commitments and activities, which will allow for more leisurely learning and living. However, I have found it necessary to keep saying no. There are so many good options available!

Today, we are holding our first day of service. We got the idea from my nieces' school. Each April they plan a day of service by going out into the community and volunteering. We were not that organized and our day of service kind of fell into our laps. Three of our children {along with my husband and I} will be helping to load a cargo container with donations. Soon this huge cargo container will be on its way to Zambia. Our oldest daughter's volleyball team will be doing some volunteer work at a nearby Girls and Boys Club. They plan on doing some cleaning and weeding in and around the facility.

Overall, it has been a great start to our school year, and I hope your year has started well, too!

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