Moments in the Sun or Shade

So far, the summer weather has ranged from pleasantly enjoyable to obnoxiously oppressive.

Having spent the past two months sitting aside the pool, I can assure you to the truth of that range. {On a side note: My naturally curly hair has been a handy barometer for weather changes. One day, sleek and cascading, the next frizzed and sticking out all the way to the tips.}

Yet rain or shine, each and every day this summer, we have been outside. Why? Swim team.

I once heard that swim team families did nothing else.
They swam. every. day. and. that. was. it.

At the time, I wasn't so sure about the validity of that statement or the way it was uttered.
To be honest, after one suburban summer season, I still don't know if it is true.
Sure, our children attended practices six times a week and meets twice a week, but that wasn't all we did. There was night sky watching, Shakespeare play viewing, and more. Some days, we even headed back to the pool for some play time with friends.

However, my favorite summer moment to date has not been near the pool. No, it was much closer to home and even involved a lesson for learning to read.

When our children are learning to read, there is a great deal of effort and time spent teaching/learning the phonetic rules. My husband and I are firm believers in giving each child a solid reading foundation. Therefore, even though we are technically on summer break, our youngest is still working through some reading exercises.

SO, my favorite summer moment {so far} happened while reading to and listening to my youngest reading one Sunday afternoon.

We were curled up together on our hammock sharing a book. 
Moments like this continue to top my favorite list during any season.

May your summer be filled with many favorite-to-you moments as well!

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