Easy Backyard Nature Observations

Do you love to take your children on nature walks? use nature journals? observe the details of creation?

We do as well. However, it isn't always easy to pack up the kids and head to a wild place, nor is there always ample time.

Inspired by a friend's post, this summer, we will focus a bit more on what happens to grow or visit our own backyard. After all, it takes but only a moment to ease open a door.

A few of the items we have been inspecting more closely...

flowers budding and blooming

the parts of a flower

pollination in action
{See a great hands on activity for learning about pollination here.}

flowers in the garden which will yield to tasty sweet peas

flowers in the trees

trees with leaves 'so big'

and a few herbs we happen to grow in containers near our back patio {lavender and mint}

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