The Best of the Best...for Us

With only weeks to go on this school year, I thought it was safe to go public with our favorites for this current year.

Curriculum I loved teaching...
  • Teaching the Classics - I used it with a ninth grader, but it is geared to any grade. Actually, it is a seminar for the teacher, but we had our oldest take the course with me. Using Socratic questions to delve into books and authors, it is the best literary analysis course I have found thus far. We used the optional Worldview supplement, which I highly recommend as well.
  • Saxon Algebra 1/2 - Currently, I am using this math curriculum for a seventh grader as a pre-Algebra course. Small increments and repetition are what she needed and Saxon delivered!
  • The Art of Poetry - This course dives deep into the world of poetry and poets. My oldest son, a ninth grader, is completing this course. Though he had an excellent background in poetry and poets, he still learned a great deal. 
  • The Original McGuffey Readers - Truly the best phonetic readers available!
  • Singapore Math - After much dilemma and distress over trying to find the 'perfect' math curriculum for my youngest, I decided to try Singapore Math (Primary Mathematics, U.S. Edition). Honestly, I couldn't be more pleased with the understanding and ability he has developed over this year.

Curriculum my children loved using...
  • I Don't Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist - Published by Apologia, this course is not for the faint of heart. Using the book and workbook, my ninth grader has gotten a full course in apologetics and is hungry for more.
  • Rod and Staff Grammar - Seriously, my seventh grader ranks this above her favorite Shakespeare play of the year. Somehow, she has fallen for grammar and composition and places this book as her top pick for the school year.
  • A Child's Introduction to Poetry - My fifth grade student struggled to name a favorite, but in the end opted to choose poetry as her favorite. I'm not sure if she struggled because she didn't like anything at all or liked everything equally well. The optimistic in me wants to believe the latter. My pessimistic side urges me not to even ask for clarification.
  • Singapore Math - My youngest son's favorite without a doubt, math! He says, "I just love it!" That seems like a hearty recommendation to me.

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